About Us

Zypermart is your online grocery shopping experience. We offer access to multiple regional and international vendors. With almost 20 years’ experience as a General Trading Company, the brand now shifts to providing a personalized grocery experience.

The passion behind Zypermart comes from founder Abdul Aziz. It is his vision that drives the company to bridge the gap between your needs and current availability. That is why our brand follows the current Just in Time best practices. Each order is procured and customized to maximize its freshness based on individual orders.

Zypermart only works with A-Grade certified vendors in their respective product segments. We focus on offering access to fresh consumer goods to ensure that your produce, seafood, meat, and poultry can exceed your expectations. If you can give us a day for grocery delivery, then Zypermart will be the online supermarket that exceeds your expectations. Place your order today to experience the definition of freshness. 

Mission Statement:

We encourage everyone to start living mindfully by focusing on the provision of high-quality foods from certified sources, procured daily from within our region and internationally, based on the desires of our customers.

 Vision Statement:

Our approach to living mindfully works to ensure sound living by becoming a regional and global leader in fresh consumer goods.

How Does Zypermart Offer Fresh Groceries?

Zypermart focuses on providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. We follow a specific process with each item offered for sale to ensure you receive the best value experience with every purchase.

We study market growth trends carefully so that our vendor relationships give us first-access availability to the latest innovative items in the grocery industry. Each supplier must provide proof of A-Grade certification to be part of the Zypermart family. Their expertise is your best asset because it ensures that you receive the freshest items delivered directly to your home or another preferred location. Each grocery segment uses a different set of procedures to ensure that you receive the quality you deserve.

Our meat and poultry products go through a daily procurement process. We work with regional and international suppliers to bring you custom cuts based on your dietary needs or desires. Each item is hand-cut to preserve flavor and quality. We follow a similar process with our seafood products. Our vendors must use sustainable practices to achieve the certification that we demand from our partnerships. That means you can rest assured that the food that comes to your door is ethically sourced without compromising the quality of what you receive.

Our team focuses on hand-picked fruits and vegetables for your particular needs. We pack each order separately to ensure your online grocery delivery experience is of the highest quality possible. By following the Just in Time principles of ingredient management, your foods are never more than 24 hours old.

Zypermart believes that living mindfully must start at the beginning of the food production process. When we take care of our community and environment, then the groceries that come from these processes are of better quality at a lower price. You get to save time by shopping at home instead of going to your local market. Each item has the nutrients you need while harvested at the peak time of freshness. Then our team uses environmentally-friendly packing materials to ensure an excellent delivery experience. We don’t focus on storing. Every item is sourced fresh for next-day delivery. 

Are you ready to experience the benefits that modern online grocery shopping can provide in your life? Then welcome to Zypermart.

 Why Choose Zypermart?

If you need to order online fruits and vegetables in Dubai, then Zypermart allows for a comfortable grocery delivery experience. Fresh produce is the foundation of a healthy diet and mindful living. You will discover a wide variety of certified products available in this category available for purchase based on your personal preferences and tastes.

Our focus is on the value above anything else. You receive the best combination of price and quality with every purchase. Then you can benefit from one of the best online grocery delivery experiences available in our industry today. This commitment to the quality of your fruits and vegetables is one of the reasons why Zypermart is one of the U.A.E.’s most trusted online grocers. Nothing is more than 24-hours old when you make your purchase, ensuring a fantastic price without compromise. This focus on quality also applies to your meat, poultry, and seafood orders. Our products can meet specific dietary requirements as we create opportunities to deliver fresh, hand-cut selections at an incredible price. You will discover that our protein selections are of better quality at a lower price than our competitors. When you add in the value of an online grocery delivery experience; you’ll discover that Zypermart makes shopping faster and easier without losing individualization.

Zypermart provides an all-encompassing experience to meet the needs of each customer. Our commitment is to provide the most diverse range of high-quality products at the best possible price. You will find tens of thousands of unique products available for sale that qualify for delivery to your front door.

Zypermart also rewards our loyal customers with special promotions, offers, and discounts throughout the year. Shoppers can enjoy the unique shopping experience at their convenience while enjoying this fantastic benefit. Our commitment to continued growth and service throughout the U.A.E. and the entire Middle East ensures that the individualized approach creates appealing outcomes for each person with every visit. 

Come see our ever-growing inventory of possibilities! You will find new opportunities and traditional favorites await your visit to Zypermart.