Fresh White Pomfret Big (India)

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White Pomfret Big (India) 


Commonly referred to as the “Butterfish”, the Big White Pomfret is one of the most sought after fish in many parts of the world due to its wonderfully rich white flesh that is tender to the touch. This is a smaller variety of fish that is tender and great with added spices.


The taste of these butterfish is not like most and it's definitely unique in its own right. Soft, supple, light white flesh that falls apart easily makes the White Pomfret a tasty alternative to most cod you’ll find in meat markets. This is one fish that doesn’t require as much spice, herb or juices added to bring out the flavour but it still helps.

Nutritional Fact

White Pomfret fish is great in protein, saturated fats, Vitamin B, Vitamin B2, Vitamin A, and plenty of other rich minerals that are used to supercharge your daily health so you feel more energetic and ready to tackle the day.


Eating White Pomfret fish would be a smart decision to make for your family as it is one of the tastiest and nutritious varieties you can find on the market. It’s high vitamin count, rich mineral source, and power protein make this fish one that can make any person feel like a superhuman.


If you plan on cooking our White Pomfret Big (India) fish soon then its best to keep it in the refrigerator unless you’re planning for a big dinner party in the future in which case you can keep it in the freezer.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet with our White Pomfret Big (India) included in your diet and order yours online today!

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