Apple Jazz (France)

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Apple Jazz (France)


Jazz Apples are a true sight for sore eyes. A stunning flushed red and maroonish tone spread over a tint of yellow, green, and orange. Its plump size intrigues every apple lover from first glance that only gets better when you bite into it.


Distinguishably more tart with a sweet finish makes these Red Apples a great option for daily consumption or baking into pies or tarts. The crisp slight crunch the apples offers makes it easy to chew and easier to enjoy! If you’re looking to really enjoy the sweet flavor these apples have to offer you can bake them in a pie or tart to bring out the rich texture even more.

Nutritional Fact

One of the greatest things about these Apples is that they offer a higher fiber percentage than most which are great for the digestive system, maintaining cholesterol levels, and decreasing the risk of diabetes.


Maintaining proper digestive health and providing superior carbohydrates with more fiber than most apples makes the Jazz Apples great for sustainable energy that will last you for hours before your next meal.


You can keep the apples on your kitchen counter at room temperature or in the fridge to add some extra flavor that makes each biter even crisper than the last.

The sugars in Jazz Apples are easily broken down when baking which adds rich flavor to any homemade pie, tart, cake, or pastry of your choosing.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet with our Jazz Apples included in your diet and order yours online today!

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