Apple Royal Gala (South Africa)

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Apple Royal Gala 


Our Royal Gala Apples are a light mixture of red and sunset orange that distinguish them instantly from other well-known apples. They come in a plump size and when bitten into a white flesh exposes itself with amazing flavor that’s just right.


Every bite into our Royal Gala Apples offers a juicy, tangy, and sweet flavor that stays soaked in your tastebuds for seconds. With its crunchy bite, you’ll be ripping apart these apples happily while gaining all the supreme nutritional benefits at the same time.

Nutritional Fact

Nutrient-rich vitamin C, quality collagen production, and incredible immune system support are just a few main health benefits to this superfruit. Gala apples are incredibly rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and Potassium which all deliver a packed punch of nutrition that supports an energetic mood and the mindset needed to conquer the day.


Eating Gala Apples every day has been well known to combat serious disease and infection by boosting your immune system, heart health, and lower chances of cancer. The nutritionally rich makeup of the apples makes them a great way to boost energy levels that can be sustained for hours.


You can keep the apples on your kitchen counter at room temperature or in the fridge to add some extra flavor that makes each biter even crisper than the last.

There are several ways you can enjoy these Gala Apples. Bake them in a pie, eat them raw and cold, place them in a juicer for a smoothie, or make a stew out of them for some tasty flavor that delivers all the nutrition you need to stay healthy.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet with our Royal Gala Apples included in your diet and order yours online today!


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