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Pears (USA) 


Bearing a striking resemblance to apples, these pears are grown in U.S. soil and come out with a skinny body and plump top where all the flavor is. These Pears are small to medium-sized fruit that can curb your appetite when looking for a healthy snack.


Every bite into our USA Pears Green delivers a quick juicy flow of light sweetness that settles in with exceptional flavor. They’re very crisp, smooth, rich, and can be baked in pastries for an additional organic flavor that makes it the perfect way to end dinner. You can make any of your favorite pastry or dessert with a few pairs included for the right amount of sweetness to make dinner end right.

Nutritional Fact

Rich in fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium, Copper, and many other nutritious ingredients make these Pears a great way to start any morning. Not many pears can compete with the vast vitamin makeup of our USA Pears Green as they’re harvested for optimum growth, nutrition, and flavor unlike any other.


Certain antioxidants in Pears Green have been known to fight inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, and contain various compounds that help fight cancer. Needless to say, pears are a true superfruit that should be included in your weekly diet regimen.


We recommend keeping your pears Green in a fruit bag at room temperature until fully ripe. Once your pears are ripe you can place them in the refrigerator for around 3-5 days before they start to dry out and lose flavor.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet with our Pears Green (USA) included in your diet and order yours online today!

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