Strawberries (USA) (250 g)

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AED 15.25  (incl. of all VAT)

Strawberries (USA) 


A bright vibrant red with flushed tints of white and light green make our USA grown Strawberries a sure classic. The leafy top of these Strawberries is smaller than those grown outside the country making them brighter and slightly more bitter.


Depending on how ripe your strawberries are they can range from slightly bitter to juicy sweet with a smooth creamy texture that makes them easy to eat one after another.

Nutritional Fact

Strawberries are very rich in Potassium, Vitamin C, and Fiber all deliver supreme health benefits that make any day easier to manage. Vitamin C has been known to lower the chance of getting arthritis and lower blood pressure levels too.


Strawberries have been proven to be a wise fruit option for great daily health. A light portion of strawberries a day can be great for heart health, lower blood pressure levels, and lower the risk of developing certain cancers. For optimum daily health, it's a great idea to incorporate strawberries into your daily diet any way you like.


It is best to keep strawberries cold in the refrigerator so they don’t start forming mold and dry out. Strawberries have a shorter shelf life than most fruit so it is best to eat them once their red ripe color reaches its brightest as soon as possible. Ordering Strawberries online can be difficult but we guarantee the freshest, highest quality of berries than any other online retailer can offer.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet with our Strawberries (250 g) (USA) included in your diet and order yours online today!


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