Beans Green (Middle East)

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  Beans Green (Middle East)


A deeply rich green color tone with a shell covering little pods inside the vegetable makes Green Beans a well-known staple in all American kitchens. They can range from 1-3 inches in length with about 8-12 beans inside.


Green Beans can be eaten in many ways but when eaten fresh with the shell on they start moist with a rich creamy textured from the beans. There are several delicious ways to cook Green Beans. Place them on a vegetable salad fresh, bake them with potatoes, or separate the beans and enjoy them by themselves.

Nutritional Fact

Rich vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin A supercharge the nutritional value of Green Beans with Vitamins K, B-6, and Niacin add extra value your body will ingest happily. Minerals like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc solidify the supreme value of these super veggies.


Known to boost your immune system, increase the production of collagen (an essential protein), revitalize skin quality, and improved eyesight are just some of the major benefits of eating green Beans on a consistent basis. The variety of rich minerals contained in Green Beans help improve bone health and increase the rate at which your wounds heal.


It’s best to keep these Green Beans stored in the fridge when bought fresh. It’s important you place them in the fridge as soon as possible to maintain its fresh, juicy, and tasty nature.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet with our  Beans Green (Middle East) included in your diet and order yours online today!

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