Capsicum Mix 4 Color (400 g) (Holland)

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AED 8.50  (incl. of all VAT)

Capsicum Red (Holland)


The Capsicums also known as Red Peppers are a bright vibrant red color with a super smooth and almost oily texture that feels slick when you rub them between your hands. A short green stem tops off this crunchy vegetable giving them the distinct Pepper look we all know.


A bite into Capsicum Reds delivers a nice, juicy crunch that’s filled mostly with water and the slightest spice that makes them great for spicy food lovers. You can eat them dry and raw or cook them in a boiler with the rest of your food to add some great flavor to your meals.

Nutritional Fact

Red Peppers are a high octane vegetable with superior antioxidants and Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium that provide a high percentage of daily value worths of nutrition.


Aside from having a high fiber content, Capsicum Reds are great for treating heart disease through the premium antioxidants contained within this wonder veggie. They have also been known to have cancer reducing properties that diminish the possibility of certain cancerous tumors from forming. 


The best way to keep your Red Peppers stored is to wrap them in a plastic bag dry and place them inside your refrigerator. Give them a light rinse before you cut them up or bite into them raw.

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