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Almonds are a sweetened white fruit at the center with a brownish outer shell that covers the entire nut. It is mostly consumed as a dry nut but is commonly made with a salted or sugary exterior for additional flavor.


The taste of Almonds can best be described as a little dry, solid, and a mostly neutral taste with a small amount of sweetness detected if you eat enough. They’re not bitter one bit but are definitely tasty and filling making them a great snack option.

Nutritional Fact

Almonds are another super nutritious nut variety that has high amounts of fiber, protein, Vitamin E, Manganese, Magnesium, and Vitamin B2 which all offer you essential ingredients needed for a healthy functioning body.


Some of the best benefits from eating almonds come from the wide variety of antioxidants which all contribute to reducing inflammation, decreasing the risk of cancer, treating those with diabetes, and improving blood pressure levels. Eating Almonds can also lower high cholesterol levels which put people at high risk of heart failure when not treated.


To keep Almonds at their freshest, most savory self it's best to store them away in a dry plastic bag at room temperature in dark environments. You can store your Organic Almonds in the refrigerator but they may lose their rich flavor overtime.

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