Pumpkin Seed (1 kg) (Egypt)

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AED 40.00  (incl. of all VAT)

Pumpkin Seed 


Pumpkin seeds are a flat seed with a wide symmetrically oval shape that is a bit smoother than most seed varieties you’ll find. They’re mostly white with little to no green on them. Once the husk of the seed is removed a small white fleshy seed lies inside with a super soft texture.


You can best describe the taste of Pumpkin Seeds as nutty, a little chewy, and very soft when compared to other seed types. Even the shell of these pumpkin seeds are edible and have a little saltier flavor that makes them more enjoyable to some.

Nutritional Fact

A true beast in the fiber department makes Pumpkin Seeds tremendous for your digestive system and has great amounts of Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and even protein which is great for muscle recovery or retention.


Not only are these wonder seeds great for your digestive system but they have been known for their ability to reduce inflammation, protect your skin from free radicals, and have been linked to cancer reduction rates. These Pumpkin Seeds have great flavor and premium nutritional benefits that help you maintain a healthy life.


If you have dry Pumpkin Seeds you’re looking to store away for the near future then you can just keep them in a brown paper bag or plastic bag and on your kitchen countertops. Pumpkin Seeds can maintain their great taste when stored in dark environments and at room temperature.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet with our Pumpkin Seed (1kg) (Egypt) included in your diet and order yours online today! 


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