Raisins munakka seed (1 kg) (Regional)

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AED 45.00  (incl. of all VAT)

Raisins Munakka Seed 


Raisins are sun-dried grapes that contain a much sweeter flavor profile than the grapes that grow from the vine they’re cut from. They’re small, a little rough, and wrinkled giving them a unique texture that makes them more enjoyable.


The taste of Raisins isn’t as fresh and juicy as grapes but they do offer a sweet flavor that isn’t too overwhelming but is pleasing enough to satisfy you as a light snack. You can include these Organic Raisins in your fruit salads, chicken salads, and plenty of other snack options.

Nutritional Fact

Raisins are a superior quality fruit with tons of minerals and vitamins key to a healthy functioning body. Highly rich in potassium, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin C, and Magnesium makes these little sweet things great to snack on lightly throughout the day.


There are a ton of benefits from eating raisins, one of them being their high fiber content which dramatically improves your digestive system. They also have been known to help make red blood cells and improve the oxygen quality in your body. Fighting against cancer cells is another huge benefit of eating Purple Raisins. The antioxidants contained within them are widely recognized as some of the most optimal for preventing tumors from forming.


Raisins need to be in a sealed tight container or wrapped in a plastic bag in order to maintain their fresh quality. Once you open them from the container in which they came in it’s important you keep the lid on and closed so they don’t clump together.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet with our Raisins Munakka Seed (100g) (Regional) included in your diet and order yours online today! 

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