Family Tree Pasta Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta from Thailand (350 G)

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AED 12.00  (incl. of all VAT)

Gluten-Free Organic Brown Rice Pasta

Organic Brown Rice Penne: Pasta is produced from organic brown, red and black jasmine rice, all-natural, no coloring, no chemical added. Family tree rice products are rich in healthy nutrients and fiber that are good for your health.
The compound gamma-amino acid of these gases (of Gamma is Amino Butyric Acid to ) rich benefits. 
It helps to nourish the nervous system and brain. 
It helps to relax Prevent Alzheimer's disease, reduce pressure, reduce cholesterol.
Family Tree Jasmine Rice Pasta is special in that it has a light brown color of Jasmine brown rice, not intense, has a soft, sticky texture.
It also has great nutritional value and dietary fiber from general white rice noodles. 
Jasmine rice noodles ( Of Organic Brown by the Rice Vermicelli), this will have different values, as follows.

Beta-carotene (Beta carotene) nourishes the eyes, hair, skin against free radicals.

Manganese (manganese) helps nourish the brain. Antioxidant Lowering cholesterol

Selenium (selenium) boosts the immune system of the body. Inhibit cancer cells

Magnesium helps with migraine and heart disease.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that nourishes the skin.

Vitamin B - prevents beriberi. Canker sore Nourish the nervous system and brain

Iron or iron helps nourish the blood. Prevent anemia

Fiber helps absorb toxins, fats, helps the digestive system against diabetes.

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